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RIBA & VitrA Talks: Beyond Boundaries with Asif Khan

Wed 27/09
18:30 - 20:00
Free Talk

Join us for the start of the autumn programme and continuation of the RIBA & VitrA series Forms of Exchange: Exploring the spaces in-between.

The season begins with Asif Khan, whose work transcends conventional practice. His explorative approach enables a broad and diverse portfolio varying in scale from small installations, to pavilions and large-scale cultural projects. Khan’s sensibility is unique and he engages in a deep dialogue to understand the core principles of each project, responding to the context, and content to create meaningful experiences. Creativity is core to his process and his love of craft and making is evident through his use of materials, testing the boundaries of both aesthetics and function. The commitment and enthusiasm Khan brings to each project is compelling and apparent through the different collaborations and the scale at which his architectural interventions keep growing.  

Join us for what will be a fascinating evening and deep dive into the practice and thought processes of Asif Khan as he presents his latest projects and discusses his influences and vision for the future.  

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