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RIBA & VitrA Talks: Collective Collaborations

Tue 14/11
18:30 - 20:00
Free Talk

Join us for the last talk in the RIBA & VitrA autumn programme and continuation of the series Forms of Exchange: Exploring the spaces in-between.  

This discussion will explore how architecture can reflect social values and how it has the potential to enhance people’s quality of life. It will address the question: How important is it to create spaces that are diverse, inclusive, supportive and enriching to those who use these places?   

This panel talk will feature Jayden Ali and Dr Julia King who will discuss their collaborative approach within architecture and the invaluable engagement with communities that use the spaces.

Collectively, they will share insights into their work and the power of participation within their practice, proving how it enhances the built environment for the people it serves.   

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