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LFA Showroom Showcase: The Floating Pillar

Mon 06/06 - Fri 01/07
08:00 - 17:00
Free Event

We are taking part in the LFA’s 2022 Showroom Showcase. The initiative sees some of London’s most respected design brands offering up the windows of their showrooms to showcase the work of London’s best emerging architects and designers.

The LFA runs an open call for emerging architects and designers to create a bespoke architectural installation made from vibrant high quality paper.

This year we will be working with Space A, an architectural and interior consultancy duo based in London.

Who are Space A?

We design and deliver human spaces that look, feel and sound like home. We do this with sensitivity to the user's feelings and with empathy to their habits, routines and lifestyle. We lean into contextual, historic, material and idiosyncratic factors that make a place and building special. We ultimately believe that 'form should follow feeling' and that home space should make people feel the best versions of themselves.

What is the Floating Pillar?

Our starting point was to celebrate a rainbow of emotions in space. Inspired by colourful, looped and overlapping weaving techniques we sought to create a piece with impact in the 5m high ceiling space. The result is an elongated, radial column that mimics both a classical architectural column and a chandelier. Fabricated from an everyday material, toilet roll, the design aims to be a 'joyful beacon' to raise awareness of something we tend to use a lot of without questioning its impact to our wider environment.

The installation will be available to view throughout the whole of June, so come and take a look for yourself.

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